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Aid Stations

Please note AR10, AR25 and AR50 is cupless.

Please be sure to bring your reusable cup/bottle. If you do not have one, we will be providing a reusable cup for the aid stations!! AND, TerraCycle bins will be located at each aid station. Please help support by tossing your used GU wrappers, etc in our bins located at all aid stations. Click Here to learn what happens with your support.

GU Reusable Cup

GU Roctane Energy Drink (caffeinated and non-caffeinated) will be served on course along with GU Energy Gels (caffeinated and non-caffeinated), GU CHEWS, and GU Liquid Energy Gels and GU Electrolyte Capsules.

- Click here to view the GU nutrition at each aid station

Remember, we are a cup-less race. Make sure you bring your reuable cup or bottle for the aid stations. It is also recommended that you carry 1-2 bottles or a hydration pack. Temperatures could be in the high 70’s mid 80’s on race day and much of the course is exposed.

JAMBAR and KRAM logo

*All food items are pre-packaged and sealed for your safety and the safety of the race.

**Volunteers will ask you to open your bottles and hydration packs to assist you safely and responsibly.

Please familiarize yourself with the Pace Charts, as it includes drop bag locations, crew access, and absolute cutoffs which will be strictly adhered to:

Please familiarize yourself with our aid stations and note that there is NO CREW access at:

**Crewing/Spectating at one of these locations can result in runner disqualification. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.