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Press & Race Reports


Road to 50 Miles Trailer


Mark Gilligan - Catching Runners at Mile 4


Philip Krooswyk 2016 American River 50-mile Race Report

Ed Gutman 2016 American River 50-mile Race Report


Local runners finish the American River 50-mile Endurance Race in Auburn


Newbies conquer American River 50-Mile Endurance Run


Fox 40 News segment on the race this year.

Race Report by Kenneth Neely

Race Report by Richard Hunter (visually impaired athlete)

Monterey Herald article on Shane James


Placer Herald article: All AR 50 trails lead to Auburn

Mountain Democrat: American River 50

Placer Herald: Long journeys worth it for Armstrong, Greenwood

Roseville Press Tribune: Armstrong wins AR 50

Business Insider: Doing A 50 Mile Race For The First Time

26 and Counting : Spectator Recap: American River 50

SoCal Running: American River 50 Mile

Farther Faster: American River 50 2012: perfect conditions...

Video: American River 50 Mile Endurance Run


2009 American River 50 Mile Endurance Run presented by Moeben post race article in UltraRunning Magazine

Ultrarunner Gloria Takagishi to Celebrate 30-year Milestone

Post-Race, by Auburn Journal